Hello everyone!

Following the announcement of the departure of several of our containers from China to Luxembourg, we would like to give you more information about the sending of the address confirmation emails relating to these statues.

As a reminder, in these containers, we find statues of Gaara HQS, Final Fantasy IX HQS, Natsu HQS +, Broly HQS +, Broly KOD HQS +, but also the complete delivery of Asimov HQS, the « femmes fatales » Cammy and Juri from Kinetiquettes, as well as the latest Saitama HQS, Genos HQS and Deathmask HQS, knowing that all the statues which have not been mentioned in this paragraph will arrive gradually.

Due to the situation imposed by the global health crisis, our Luxembourg-based Quality Control team is not authorized to take off for China, preventing us to carry on quality control on the current production lines in factories. Although a Chinese team already checked out quality control on the statues present in the incoming containers, we decided to send the address confirmation emails to customers after the second quality control check insured by our Luxembourg team.

Thus, we will select a sampling in order to verify to prevent any misadventure, and ensure the statues are also perfectly protected and properly conditioned before sending them to you.

What is a sampling?

It is a matter of randomly selecting a predetermined number of statues in the various incoming containers – all ranges and models combined, our Luxembourg team will verify their proper packaging. This step may possibly allow us to note recurring defects on pieces or packaging, which will be reported to our teams in China in order to rectify them in factories for the next shipping waves.

Finally, please note that the process will remain the same for the shipment of the next containers. Address confirmation emails will therefore be sent to customers after receipt of the statues / figures and quality control on a sampling done by our team in Luxembourg.

On that note, remember to check your mailbox in the coming weeks!

See you soon,

The Tsume Art team

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