Hello everyone!  

TSUME took part in the Festival of Angoulême for the first time this year. 

Thank you very much for those that came to see the Fairy Tail exhibition and met us at the TSUME booth.

We hope you enjoyed the festival as much as we did.  

The team also had the great honor to introduce Natsu Dragon Slayer HQS+ by TSUME to Hiro Mashima in person. 

For those who are following our Facebook page, you probably saw his interview and reaction about the statue. If you missed it, here is the video! 

Great, isn't it?

Natsu made a strong impact during the festival. It is really one of the most beautiful creation of TSUME.  

We also had a booth where you could see the HQS by TSUME of Hashirama and Goku vs Nappa. This last one is planned for an arrival next month, at least the first production batch. We are really eager to receive it and start to ship them.  

We are going to send the address confirmation e-mail next week so don't forget to check your e-mail box.  

Here are a few photos of the exhibition and of the booth if you didn't have the opportunity to drop by.  

  •  The Fairy Tail exhibition at the "Quartier Jeunesse":HQF by TSUME de Fairy TailThe HQS+ of Natsu was displayed in the middle of a stage 100% made by TSUME. You could also see the story of the manga Fairy Tail and the outfits of Natsu and Lucy.
  • TSUME booth at the "Pavillon Manga":The Fairy Tail guild even came to say hello!  
  • This year a lot of exhibitions took place on the thema of Japanese animation and among them, even an exhibition about Naoki Urasawa......and on Osamu Tezuka !

Once again, thank you to everyone that came to see us!  

We are already working on our next HQS by TSUME that should be unveiled next month if all goes well. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page as we will be giving some hints soon.  

Enjoy the rest of the week!


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