A little more than a month ago, part of our team was back in Los Angeles for the 2018 Anime Expo. As a reminder, the Anime Expo is the largest exhibition celebrating Japanese pop culture in North America. The latter took place at the LA Convention Center like every year since 1992.

The event took place from July 5 to 8, 2018. Our booth was once again in collaboration with Japanime Games. We could then exposed our finest resins. Here are some pictures of our team at this convention.

Several resin statues from the HQS and HQS + range were exhibited: Grendizer, Aiolos or Vegeta. You could also find our other statues of the Xtra range such as Genos, Saitama or Hinata as well as the 3 Hokage Hashirama, Tobirama and Sarutobi.

The discussions with our fans were very constructive. Our artists were there to advise you on our products but also to inform you on other stages of the creation of our products such as the 3D conception of a piece, the sculpture, the painting or some artistic choices that were taken.

Below you will find the links of the statues that have been exposed and which are still available to pre-order or for which you can be on the waiting list (namely Grendizer, Aiolos, 3 Kage, Genos and Hinata).

Grendizer: (You can add yourself on the waiting list)



Aiolos: (You can add yourself on the waiting list)


Hashirama Senju: still available for pre-order


Tobirama Senju : still available for pre-order


Hiruzen Sarutobi: still available for pre-order


Genos: still available for pre-order


Saitama: (You can add yourself on the waiting list)


Hinata: still available for pre-order


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