Availability of Black☆Star Counter-strikes
Since two weeks from now, the 2ndHQS by Tsume statue from the Soul Eater license ? Black?Star Counter-strikes is available on www.tsume-art.com and partner shops.   Limited and numbered to 250 pieces, this new resin statue shows the ninja Black?Star when he fought the samurai Mifune for the first time, in the second episode of the show. While being uneasy in this fight, Black?Star orders his partner Tsubaki to take the shape of a giant shuriken. This statue, just as a photo would do, is a snapshot of this powerful duo in motion, surrounded by katanas and with a dust cloud moved by their attack.   Very dynamic, this statue includes Black?Star, Tsubaki in a shape of shuriken a base with a tiled pattern and a dozen of katanas to be engaged in the base to achieve this stunning environment. The dust cloud is made from clear resin slightly coloured with white paint. With the subtle gradients emphasizing Black?Star?s muscles and outfit, this piece will ravish any Soul Eater fan, especially when there is so few to gather when you like this show. Check out Black?Star Counter-strikes on Tsume-art.com

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