Part of the team was in China to control our ongoing productions. We will post regular updates on the blog to share with you what we checked there.

A  complete production update will be published later this month. If we didn't mention some products yet, don't  worry, they will come up in another post.

Please note that all photos are shared for illustration purpose only. Colors aren't necessarily truthful to the products, due to the light of the room they were taken in, and the camera we used. :)


Mass production is correctly in progress.

The painting of the base requires a lot of steps:

We are pushing the factory to its maximum in order to deliver the best product possible to you. A few readjustments are being made.

First shipping batch will start at the end of April.


First paint samples were already sent to Luxembourg, the piece's cast is in progress.

Quality check to ensure everything is conform:

First shipping batch is planned for May.

See you soon!

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