Part of the team was in China to control our ongoing productions. We will post regular updates on the blog to share with you what we checked there.

A complete production update will be published later this month. If we didn't mention some products yet, don't worry, they will come up in another post.

Please note that all photos are shared for illustration purpose only. Colors aren't necessarily truthful to the products, due to the light of the room they were taken in, and the camera we used. :)


Natsu's casting has started. The production process has to be optimised because of the imposing nature of this piece.

During our stay, we had the opportunity to check a painted version.

With the LED lighted up:

Globally, we are very satisfied with this version. A few corrections are yet to be made, and we will launch the mass production. The first shippings are still scheduled for June.


Last pieces were in production, all shippings will be finished this month. 

See you soon!

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