#LegendaryTsume Contest Participation

IMPORTANT : Participants Notice !!! 

Do you remember the #LEGENDARYTSUME contest, or in other words, the Broccoli Contest? We do too! As a reminder, this contest was organized at the end of October 2017, on the occasion of the pre-orders opening of the Broly "Legendary Super Saiyan" and Broly "King of Destruction" HQS + by Tsume statues.

What was the rule? 

Each participant had to post on the social networks of his/her choice, a picture showing him/her holding a panel with the hashtag #LEGENDARYTSUME and one or more broccoli next to him/her (that's what we call being in good company!). Finally, the participants must add the hashtag #LEGENDARYTSUME in description of the picture posted on the social networks.

Why to do that? 

Aside from reminding you to eat your 5 fruits and vegetables a day (the secret to having Super "Saiyan" muscles), this allowed the contest winner to have a full refund of the statue HQS+ by Tsume he/she pre-ordered.

And for the other participants? 

They had the great pleasure of participating, but not only! Each contest participant will receive, as announced, a dedication from the Tsume Art team members who participated in the project. This last will be placed inside the parcel of their statue HQS + by Tsume. After all, what makes the #LEGENDARYTSUME contest legendary is that each participant is a winner!

You are one of these participants? 

So, register now with our after-sales support by opening a ticket on our website: https://www.tsume-art.com/en/create-ticket , in which you will have to provide your first and last name, order number, email and delivery addresses, and especially the legendary picture with which you participated in the contest!

WARNING: you have until Monday, November 11th 2019, at 9.00 PM (Paris time) to manifest yourself, otherwise this dedication could not be inserted into your statue HQS+ by Tsume parcel.

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