Fairy Tail: Beware of counterfeits

It was meant to be? with the first Fairy Tail PVC figures, Tsume was going to be bootlegged just as other companies like Good Smile Company are? So be careful if you are willing to buy the Natsu Dragnir HQF by Tsume figure. Some Ebay sellers offers counterfeits copies of our products? the well-known bootlegs. Contrefaçon reconnaissable à la qualité du sculpt et de la peinture? en particulier la chair, teintée dans la masse manque de nuances? You can reckon the bootleg through its bad work on sculpt, paint? especially on the body which lacks some gradients Let me remind you that Natsu Dragnir HQF is only available in Europe, if the seller is from Asia, chances are big its not a genuine item! Price is also a big clue? an item sold by the official maker 79,90? can't be sold by anyone else 1? ou 10?. It's too good to be true? So don't let your guard down when shopping so you won't be let down when shipping?

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