Guided tour at Tsume

Last week, Caroline, who won the My Ideal HQS contest, has come in our new offices to spend two whole days with the Tsume staff and learn every secret about what we are preparing for Japan Expo ! Caroline avec Cyril Marchiol et sa fille Jade And since it would be sad to be so few, Cyrile & Geoffrey did join us for this guided tour. During the three days, these three folks have had the opportunity to discover Tsume from the inside. After a short tour of our new offices, the thursday afternoon has been dedicated to a slideshow of each and every project we are working on: of course this includes Gemini no Saga but not only? Friday was about to learn each side of Tsume's work. Hence, they spent some time with every one of the team so they can get what he does at Tsume, why he does it? The highlight was a remote demonstration of the ZBrush software by Cyril Farudja, 3D modeler of some of our statues amongst them Ezio's Fury. With the painting demonstration of Guillaume Hémery, the three of them now know everything about making a HQS ! From our side, these two days were quickly ended. Our three friends were as eager to learn as they were nice. It was a delight to meet some of our fans this way. I can only but encourage you to come and see us on our booth at Japan Expo. We will be glad and take a few minutes to meet you. That's all for today, Thanks again Caroline, Cyrile & Geoffrey! Ma HQS idéale

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