Kakashi Hatake Xtra by Tsume, launch of the Naruto month!
a swarm of bees in may is worth a load of hay! or you might say a swarm of figures in May is worth a load of Hey! Indeed Tsume decided to create an event for all the Naruto Shippuden lovers by revealing a new Tsume creation from this franchise every Friday, starting today. During the Naruto Month, you will discover 4 stunning figures, the first is our new generation of Xtra by Tsume: Kakashi Hatake. Setting Kakashi in motion, this figure has a very dynamic posing with a line of action that respects the movement created by Masashi Kishimoto in the manga. The left leg curved to increase speed impression and Kakashi's low center of gravity are emphasizing this idea and the rendering of the figure. The painting has lots of gradients and shadings in the cloths or the hair. It also features a great Chidori attack casted in a blue clear PVC to be put on Kakashi's right hand. Now sold in window box so you can check your figure before buying it, our new Xtra by Tsume collection offers new figures that are more detailed and more accurate figures. Of course, as usual, our Xtra by Tsume figures come with the classical yet classy black base.

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