Little production update for June

Hello everyone! Today I decided to make a quick update about the latest productions we received from our factories ! We recently received a lot of good news regarding our Xtra production ! Let's check them out: For the long awaited Xtra Orochimaru, the shipments should start at the end of this summer. IMG_6200 We were also able to make a first check up on the Xtra Obito Uchiwa! IMG_6519 Same for the Xtra Rock Lee and Itachi Uchiwa! The release should be roughly around the same time as Orochimaru.IMG_6489 A quick look at our HQF Lucy and Aquarius who should arrive here around August.  IMG_6488 I don't have HQS visuals to show you at the moment, but so far only Killer Bee has some delays due to some adjustments with the tentacle fixation. And that's it for this time's update. I took the opportunity to have a little fun. I think pretty soon we'll be able to make some epic battle scenes with those Xtra :D IMG_6515 See you soon! Kibachan  

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