Orochimaru Xtra by Tsume is finally here. Unveiled during Tsume Fan Days 2 held last September, the darkest of the three legendary ninjas is now available for pre-order at www.tsume-art.com and in partner shops. Orochimaru dxtra The character is set in motion, armed with the Kusanagi sword. The sculpting and the painting are very accurate and Orochimaru has a pale skin, snake eyes and even fangs in his mouth? He also summoned a great snake to attack is opponent. Indeed, we decided to also treat this villain as great as Madara with a DXtra (an Xtra figure with special feature) ! Orochimaru Xtra by Tsume is a complex figure with high level of sculpting and painting. His overall features lots of parts and gradients, the sword is also detailed and of course the great snake is fully featured with precise sculpting and accurate painting. A few months ago, we threw the Naruto Month and showed 3 new figures based on Kishimoto Masashi's show: Shikamaru, Kakashi & Madara Xtra by TsumeOrochimaru Xtra by Tsume is fully part of this new great line. Having been born in the Year of the Snake, I do love Orochimaru? what about you, which one do you prefer?

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