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Hello everyone!

After an Easter egg hunt worthy of the hunger games and a few grams or kilos of delicious chocolates tasted or otherwise devoured this month, we thought that you should not have much energy left for a Tsume info hunt, so just find it here served on a silver platter!

As a main course, here find news about statues being sent:

Slightly more threatening than the paschal lamb, deliveries of the colossal Natsu HQS + should end in May.

Worried about chocolate indigestion? Let’s just relax as our on-board doctor Chopper HQS, just as cute and greedy as the paschal lamb although "a little" more massive, comes to make his diagnosis with deliveries scheduled until the 4th quarter. Indeed, this imposing statue takes up a lot of space in the factory and this at all stages of manufacture, assembly, storage but also in the containers.

More endearing than the Easter Bunny itself, deliveries of Ranma HQS are expected to last until the 3rd quarter.

Deliveries of the biju Kurama HQS are expected to continue until the 3rd quarter, while those of the inseparable Sasuke HQS follow closely behind, due to last until the 4th quarter.

Shipments of the all-powerful All Might HQS and Athena HQS + are scheduled to last until the 3rd quarter, just like for the equally phenomenal Berserk HQS +.

Deliveries of the determined Sailor Moon HQS are expected to last until the 4th quarter, with the first pieces to Luxembourg having left the factories at the end of March. Deliveries of the fatal Boa HQS + are expected to begin next month and should also run through the 4th quarter.

Ichigo MUB deliveries are set to begin next month and run through the 4th quarter, while Saitama MUB deliveries are set to start in June to end simultaneously, in the 4th quarter.

On the dessert menu, here is the latest news concerning the statues whose delivery is to come:

Deliveries of the chivalrous Aquarius Camus HQS are expected to begin by September to last until the end of the year, knowing that we have received the T2 of the statue not long ago. Athena will be safe and secure as another iconic Saint Pegasus HQS + will reinforce her lines of defense with deliveries also due to begin in the 3rd quarter to extend until the end of the 1st quarter of 2022, having received the T1 of the statue not long ago.

The deliveries of the legendary ninja Jiraiya: One Last Heartbeat HQS should also start in the 3rd quarter to run until the 2nd quarter of 2022, knowing that we are currently working on improving the T1 (mainly interlocking and packaging / polyfoam design) .

Deliveries of the dreaded Kojiro Hyuga: Tiger Shot HQS should begin in the 4th quarter to run through the 1st quarter of 2022, knowing that we are currently working on the statue's T2.

Regarding the valiant Emperor Shanks HQS, he should dock at the first individuals in the 4th quarter, with deliveries due to last until the 3rd quarter of 2022. Indeed, we are currently working on improving the T1 of the statue and pushing the factory to reach its full potential in the realization of this piece.

As for moviegoers, deliveries of Planet of the Apes HQS + are slated to begin in the 2nd quarter to run through the 3rd quarter. For Predator MUB Customizable, our focus is on engineering which takes times, given the multiplicity and sizes of busts parts.

Finally, concerning the last statues released Goku Kaio-ken HQS, Vegeta Galick Gun HQS, Batman HQS +, Gajil & Wendy HQS +, Zabuza & Haku HQS, Gygnus Hyoga HQS, Natsu Dragneel MUB, Zoro- Wano Ikigai and Oden Ikigai, the estimated delivery periods remain identical to those announced in the product sheets.

As you can see, a delay is to be expected in the estimated delivery period of several statues and that is the result of several cumulative constraining factors. Indeed, as we were able to state in the last Prod Update of February, employees made a late and gradual return to factories following the Chinese New Year and restrictive government measures related to Covid-19, which did not allow factories to progress in shipments and production at the desired pace. Consequently, the factories found themselves congested and the difficulty of reserving containers, also mentioned earlier, contributed to reinforce that impact and the consequences which ensue from it. However, it should be noted that the employees are now back in the factories and that they are gradually returning to their usual rhythm, the resumption of shipments allowing their decluttering, thus leaving more room for new statues produced and other statues ready to leave.

Aerial view of the Suez Canal 

In addition, 4 of our containers which should have left before the Chinese New Year had to leave at the end of the latter for the reasons mentioned above. Therefore, since these containers are currently at sea, we must anticipate the delay caused by the maritime transport incident at the Suez Canal. As a reminder, the container ship "Ever-Given" found itself across the canal connecting the Red Sea to the Mediterranean on the night of March 23-24, thus blocking all traffic for the days that followed. This naturally had an impact on global maritime transport, 10% of it passing through this canal. Also, this will inevitably slow down the circulation of maritime transport and the various stages of the logistics chain more generally (congested ports, searches of containers by customs, unloading, etc.). We know in particular that 2 of these containers could not take the usual route of the Suez Canal and are therefore forced to pass through the African Atlantic coast.  For that reason, as long as the Suez Canal remained blocked, no containers were allowed to leave China so as not to aggravate the situation which is now able to gradually unlock.

We thus wanted to transcribe the current situation to you so that you understand the anticipation of these delays, results of uncertain events but leaving room for a gradual return to normal.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing you on social media to find out what's new! Now, let's move on to the summary table of the estimated delivery periods for your statues!

The Tsume Art team

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