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Hello everyone!

Valentine's Day is over, so what? To you, unconditional lovers of collectible figurines, we dedicate these few verses on February's Prod Update as well as its table with its sweet delivery dates!

Roses are red, 

Violets are blue,

This time, Romeo and Juliet won’t forget,

To stay well informed, 

Better read the production update! 

Thus, here are the news concerning the statues whose delivery has started:

Deliveries of the dreaded Krillin HQS, Rei HQS and Broly Super Saiyan and KOD HQS should finish at the end of February.

Natsu HQS + deliveries are continuing their flight and are expected to make landfall to end in May.

Deliveries of the inseparable Naruto and Kyubi HQS are also on their way and are expected to last until August. Inevitably, Sasuke HQS is following them very closely with deliveries started last month and scheduled to end in September.

Regarding our piracy sworn doctors, deliveries of Law HQS + follow the course of the river to end in March, while deliveries of the inimitable Chopper HQS, which started in December, should be directed to a safe harbour and finish in November.

As for Ranma HQS, deliveries started last month and are expected to last through July.

Deliveries of the very powerful Al Might HQS also began in January and are expected to continue through June. Speaking of power, be aware that deliveries of the Great Goddess of War Athena HQS + have started alongside those of the Superhero and are expected to continue through August.

Still in the apology of force, perhaps more primal, know that the deliveries of the monstrous Berserk HQS + started well in December and should end in September. Deliveries of the infinitely more delicate but no less formidable Sailor Moon HQS were not able to start in January as indicated due to a concern to guarantee the optimal quality of the product. The beauty should therefore be visiting her first suitors in March, with deliveries due to close at the end of October.

And what about the other statues, would you tell us?

In this case, here is what we would answer:

We should receive the irresistible Pirate Empress Boa HQS + sample in March! She will not hesitate to use her charm to push us to work hard so that we can start deliveries immediately and spread them out until November.

Last but not least, the deliveries of Ichigo MUB and Saitama MUB should start in April and continue until the end of the year, while the delivery periods for the statues Aquarius Camus HQS, Jiraiya-One Last Heaetbeat HQS, Kojiro Hyuga:Tiger Shot HQS, Shanks HQS, Planet of the Apes HQS +, Pegasus HQS+, Goku Kaio-ken HQS, Vegeta Galick Gun HQS, Batman HQS+, Gajil & Wendy HQS+ and Zabuza & Haku HQS, remain unchanged in comparison with those announced and communicated in the Prod Update of September (table of deliveries available at the end of the said article available on the blog).

As you are aware if you watched our last video lives, we received and displayed the factory T1s of the Aquarius Camus HQS and Jiraiya-One Last Heartbeat HQS statues, and apart from a few small details to improve, we are very satisfied! And the show must go on in the City of Lights, since following these two guests of honour, it is an exceptional player, Kojiro Hyuga: Tiger Shot HQS who enters the field of the Tsume Store Paris!

Finally, the most monstrous of all, Predator customizable MUB, is currently in the engineering phase. We hope to be able to communicate the first visuals after the Chinese New Year.

We would like to point out that the delivery periods communicated are estimated periods, being the result of forecasts and being in particular subject to the resumption of a normal pace of activity in factories, following the Chinese New Year. Indeed, as noted, the delivery periods of certain statues may have been somewhat extended in anticipation of the later return of workers and artists to factories, imposed by the Chinese government due to the current health situation. It should also be noted that the inflation of transport prices, the difficulty of obtaining container reservations as well as the delay in their departure are the direct consequences of the health situation in this very period of the Chinese New Year, thus causing this delay in shipments to Asia and Europe. As usual, as soon as we get new information, we will communicate it to you via a next Prod’ Update!

Stay connected to the news and social networks, and please don’t forget that… we will always love youuuu ouuuOUUU  ouuuuu, will always love youuuuuuuu !

The Tsume Art team

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