Production update of February 2019

Hello everyone,

It's time for February's production update!


Enzan showcases' shipments have started for private customers. Due to the glass' fragility, the carrier wanted to make a first test wave to check the breakage rate before starting mass shipping. This test was successful and the breakage rate is quite low, therefore mass shipping has begun. Please note that for the customers who bought the base + the showcase, the shipment comes in 4 packages:

  • Display case
  • Trays
  • Glass walls
  • Slipcover

Please note that the slipcover is sent separately, with one or two days off. To avoid any breakage risk during the assembly, we highly recommend you to watch our video tutorial:

You can also download the notice as a pdf, by clicking on the following picture:


• The new Grendizer's reception wave is in progress, a QC chain will take place during the whole month of March in order to check a large sampling of those containers. If the pieces are as good as the last batch we received, we will proceed to mass shipment without going through the picture-based approval phase, so that we gain time and can deliver your statues within the best delays.

• The resumption of shipment for our Asian and Middle Orient customers is expected for the end of the Chinese New Year closure, during the month of March.

• No delay is announced on the ongoing productions, in conformity with the last update shared on this blog.

• We will keep sharing updates with you as soon as the factories is back to work after the Chinese New Year. Please note that a team will visit China by the end of March in order to do the QC on site, we will also use the opportunity and share with you on the blog many pictures of our ongoing productions

Summary table of planned shipments:


After proceeding to an update on customers' accounts, we realized that some clients have discontinued the payment of their installments and have therefore fallen behind. Those clients will receive a payment reminder by our after-sales service team. Thank you for being vigilant about this and please check your mailboxes from the end of February. Should you meet any trouble concerning your payment options, expired credit card, inactive payment link or anything else, please open a ticket in the appropriate category. 

We kindly remind you that the products are shipped only once the full payment has been received, please check your account is in good standing.

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The Tsume Team

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