Hello everyone!

After completing the "QC (Quality Control) step on a sample and sending confirmation emails for the Final Fantasy IX HQS, Sylvester Asimov HQS and Broly Super Saiyan Legendary HQS + statues recently received", the mission continues at a good pace!*

Thus, the "Quality Control step on a sample of Gaara HQS, Broly KOD HQS +, Deathmask HQS and Natsu HQS+ statues" is coming to an end and we can now send the address confirmation emails to the lucky owners of these statues!

Quality control for the samples of the remaining statues in the containers is on the way as well.

So, remember to check your mailbox in the coming days!

* Find the list of the different statues available in the containers in the blog article "Address confirmation emails".

See you soon,

The Tsume Art team

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