A few months ago, after a rough start, Tsume was changing its organization and strengthening itself. The last projects to be long delayed were Art of Bang and Gemini no Saga. Finally, Art of Bang has been delivered as promised in the new schedule? however I fear that Gemini no saga won?t be so lucky and will experiment a last delay ! Saga des Gémeaux HQS by Tsume Gemini no Saga HQS by Tsume Indeed, the production of Gemini no Saga HQS by Tsume has not occurred as it should, and the factory could not deliver a product matching our expectations, quality wise. To Stick to our quality control being something we do not negotiate, the production had to be redone. That?s why the factory needs a few more weeks to finish the job. Then, the container will be shipped and the statues will arrive in Europe before they are sent to your home. It is with these considerations in mind that we decided to change the character?s head. Because it won?t be as long as between Ikki and Saga for Shaka to be released next? We wanted the differences to be lessened. That?s what we achieved with this great new face. That?s why I have to ask you to wait until September to get your statue. I know this news will disappoint some of you, but when I see how glad are the ones who received Deidara and Naruto, I know this patience will be rewarded fairly. Here at Tsume, we always care about our fans and we wanted to find a way to apologize and show you our gratitude for your patience. We thought of an original way to do it : Every owner of the Gemini no Saga HQS by Tsume statue who is willing to will be able to be a part of the conception of the fifth HS by Tsume statue of the Saint Seiya franchise. We already are working on the 3rd and 4th ones but the 5th to-be-decided will be a Gold Saint chosen by fans! From the choice of the character, the posing and many more details, you will be consulted, you will join audio chat and you will follow the life cycle of a statue from the inside. This is our way to share our passion with you and to allow you to discover the other side of it. To join this incredible experience, you just have to send an email with your full name and a copy of your order/bill of saga (bought at Tsume or elsewhere) to this address: saga@tsume-art.com!

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