Here comes Dragon Shiryu throwing his move called the 100 rising dragons! Having already released with great success Virgo Shaka and Phoenix Ikki Kurumada Masami Edition, it was time we reveal our new Bronze Saint for our HQS by Tsume line. Display_shiryu Both his arms stretched forward, standing firmly while his hair are moved by the strength of his attack, Shiryu wears his gorgeous v3 cloth full of metallic reflections and precise gradients. His body has a lot of details like the blood on his forehead or the bandages on his arms. The base is a set-up of his 100 rising dragons attack, mimicking a broken floor. Blue waves of energy are made in translucent resin and 12 dragons spring all around him just as they do in the manga or the anime show.

The pose has been thoroughly worked on so it would be both anatomically correct and accurate from a Saint Seiya specific style point of view. On every level, Dragon Shiryu HQS by Tsume is a one of a kind statue. You can appreciate it on every angles and there are a lot of details to discover every day? its 1/6th scale gives her some cachet and the overall artistic and technical design makes it one of our most ambitious works ever!

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