Soirée Saint Seiya Omega

Toei Animation threw a special screening for the launch of Saint Seiya Omega and we were attending. Originally held in Tokyo, this evening had counterpart in France, Brasil & Taiwan. Saint Seiya Omega In France, it was held at the mega CGR theatre of Torcy and there were also exhibitions of Bandai's Myth Cloth and our HQS by Tsume statues. For the very first time, we showed the saint Gemini no Saga with its painting. Saga & Ikki If the Japanese guests were really great: the singer of Make-up and Hironobu Kageyama (Pegasus Fantasy et Soldier Dream, the two openings theme of Saint Seiya), France was lucky too since we met the rapper Orel-san, who is a big fan of Saint Seiya. Cyril & Orelsan Indeed, it was really nice even if the return trip was kind of complicated due the location of the event.

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