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Following the annoucement made yesterday during our new show TORA no TSUME ( #TNTSUME), you will be able to choose your favorite pose for our next HQS by TSUME statue of Gaara! I will copy below the text from Cyril. 

"8 years ago we released our first resin statue Gaara HQS by TSUME.

She marked the story of TSUME, whose meaning “The Claw” was also linked to the decision to add the hand of Shukaku behind this main character of the Naruto Shippuden series.

Even if you have requested it many times, we will not reprint the original Gaara due to the limited edition. However, we have been hoping for a long time to remake a statue of this character that marked the beginning of our big family.

We also owe you the success of TSUME, which is why we would like to offer you the possibility to rewrite history with us.

You will exceptionally be able to decide on the pose of our new Gaara statue by choosing among the 3 concepts below:

1 – Classic but efficient, Garra and his control of the sand

2 – Gaara and Shukaku, a dynamic posing, a badass attitude, along with his Bijuu

3- The choice of the heart, the one who can show instantly the protecting love of a mother for her child. Beyond the artistic design, the power of feelings.

Make your choice and help us get better and better.

Thank you everyone." 

You can vote below for your favorite pose:

Thank you very much.

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