Virgo Shaka

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1 / 6 eme
18 X 36 X 38 CM
QUARTER 4 2023 - Q.3 2024

This statue ofVirgo Shaka is an interpretation of the episodes "Shaka, the Man closest to God" and "Fear of the void! Shaka opening his eyes" from the Sanctuary arc. As the three Bronze Saint, Shiryū, Seiya and Shun, arrive at the Maiden's Temple, they find Shaka resting on his golden Lotus, ready to duly welcome them. While their host defeats them in a jiffy and prepares to finish off Shun in cold blood, his brother Ikki appears and engages in a veritable tug of war with his adversary. After a fierce fight illustrated by the Maiden Temple’s pillar in demolition, the one who claims to be the reincarnation of Buddha will prove that if his soul is of infinite purity, his cruelty is limitless too. 

We thus see the ruthless Gold Saint in his varnished Gold Cloth, his right arm stretched out towards Ikki, using his most terrible power against him: the Treasures of Heavens. Eyes closed and concentrated, we see here the user of the 7th and 8th sense preparing this formidable attack capable of suppressing one by one the senses of his victim, including the 6th of thought. His alternate head shows him with an expression of cold anger as Shaka's opening his eyes and unleashing the full force of his power, as evidenced by the yellow transparent resin energy beams emanating from his hand or his projected golden hair. Thus, the Saint with superhuman powers shows how he is undoubtedly the Man closest to God.

© Masami Kurumada,Toei Animation