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Do you like surprises? Enjoy an ultra collector one with the Ultimate Edition! A different version of the Ikigai statue with one or more modifications compared to the initial Regular Edition and a print run that will not exceed 30% of the limited edition! Want to know more? Here we go!
« I’ll be a hero! » - Shoto

Meet the No. 1 Hero’s prodigy son, Shoto Todoroki Ikigai, in full demonstration of his powers! Sometimes icy, sometimes burning, he makes use of his complementary opposing forces! Indeed, his scar, irises and hair in red and white tones echoe his control of Ice and Fire. Born from the marriage of these two Quirks in order to overcome anyone, he was trained hard by his father, hence his insensitivity but also his incredible fighting ability! Planning to become a professional hero, his ethic is grounded in heroism and he takes his cue from All Might, the former No. 1 his father has always wanted to surpass. In his second navy blue Hero Costume, fitted with his Combat Vest, Utility Belt, Snow Boots and Surge Arm Gauntlets protecting and helping him to regulate his temperature, he rushes towards his goal No. 1, his Indomitable Will freezing and burning any obstacle in his wake!

Regular Edition: 1050 pieces
Ultimate Edition: 450 pieces
© K. Horikoshi / Shueisha, My Hero Academia Project    All Rights Reserved
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Artistic Direction, Concept Art, Paint: Tsume Team



18 x 36 x 34 cm

Quarter 3 2022 - Quarter 1 2023