BIJUtsu ® by Tsume, literally meaning ‘the arts’, is more than just a new product line.

It is an innovative concept born from the vision of Cyril Marchiol, founder of Tsume.

Focused on our customers’ expectations, he envisioned the best way to meet them.

Whether it is about:

- space issues, particularly packaging management

- the desire for larger scale pieces at a reasonable cost

- also about how to display their pieces

how to protect them

- or even delivery times

- or finally, the consistency of a collection.

BIJUtsu ® - Biju is pronounced like “Bijou” (in french) and Tsu [tsoo] like Tsume, creating a play on words that links Tsume with the precious object of jewelry.

This object, which inspires our logos and our artistic direction, will also be represented by a physical collectible item manufactured in our factory, as we have made it our Serial Crystal, a sculpture carved and cast in Crystal Clear resin including your serial number

When asked why he makes this choice, Cyril gives a heartfelt response:

BIJUtsu ® is an ecosystem that allows you to collect intelligently, featuring an exceptional graphic charter, in a sleek and classy style, adapting to your expectations while being as practical as possible.

But that’s not all; this range will reveal many facets in the future.

Is all of this really possible?!

The answer, tomorrow at 2:00 PM (UTC+2)!


Delivery Update
Containers on the way