New Challengers have entered the ring

When we announced during Japan Expo the rights to create Ultra Street Fighter IV figures, many of you rejoiced but also wondered which character we would choose as starters. Well, your patience is about to pay since we reveal today our two first HQF by Tsume figures from CAPCOM's famous fighting game.

Secretly shown to some lucky winners during Tsume Fan Day, Chun-li HQF by Tsume is set launching her Tenshôkyaku, frozen during the motion with a cloud of dust underneath her, flying on top of a stone-paved floor. Watch Vega, the famous Spanish Torero (named Balrog in the Japanese version) hanged on his cage ? as in the game, ready to launch his gorgeous Flying Barcelona Attack. Vega is sold with an extra head, without the mask. Tsume is proud to launch this set of 1/8th scale PVC figures, whose designs are ultimately close to the original game. Chun-li HQF by Tsume and Vega HQF by Tsume are to be released during the second half of this year and the retail price of each is 119,90?. They are both available for pre-order on Tsume?s website or official resellers.  

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