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Hello everyone,

Following the previous “Production Point: part 1” posted on early December and all the wait you sure had about the next one, please roll out the red carpet for our Production point: part 2 and all the news that go along on the other statues that have not been mentioned in the latest. Happy Production to all of you!

You may have already seen it on our social media but, shipping for Naruto and Kyubi HQS, as well as our most cheerful reindeer Chopper HQS have started! However, we only received a limited quantity for Europe, right before Christmas. But do not worry, shipping will go on until Summer 2021.

And what about Sasuke HQS then? Well, shipping should start in next January, as the statues, already packed, they are now waiting the rights-holders’ approval about the packaging.

Regarding the symbol of Peace and Justice, All Might and his United States of Smash HQS will arrive early January for China, and February for Europe. 

And we did not forget our graceful Sailor Moon HQS! Shipping will also start in next January. However, rights-holders asked us to modify lightly the base so that the render will be more like in the pictures of the final version: the back of the heart is brighter than the one shown on the prototype. 

About Ranma ½ HQS, the shipping will also start in next January until this Summer.

Still can’t get enough? Then, stay tunned so that you will not miss the next Production Point! 

See you soon on our social medias for more infho-ho-ho-rmation!


Tsume Team

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